Road Trip

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Quand je serai grande, je serai road trippeuse!








MPW // Upper Spaces

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Every Sunday, thousands of people climb the « koppies », or hills of Johannesburg, to pray, sing and dance. They are from different « churches », but all gather to these unique pieces of « veld » in the middle of the city to elevate their thoughts and pray above the city.

Extract of the series






MPW // Between dogs and wolves

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« Entre chien et loup » , in French, refers to the twilight time when, word by word, it is difficult to distinguish « between dog and wolf ». I photographed the same intersection night after night, only during that transition time, when day becomes night, when people rush home whilst others settle down in the street, and when as a walker in this tensed city, you don’t know if the person coming to you is a dog or a wolf…

Extract of the series

MPW – Portraits

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In less than two weeks, I’ll be leaving Johannesburg and its jacarandas behind and starting a new blank page far over there, back in Thailand. But I first need to look back and start closing my present page. And I finally feel like posting more of the pictures I have been taking for the Photography Course I took at the Market Photo Workshop. Starting with the portraits, scanned from negatives…







and Flora


August Mix

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It’s difficult to admit when you’ve been playing around with different Lomos and old cameras, but let’s face it : this bloody iPhone software is just great to freeze colourful moments, and have fun in a zillion times less expensive way than films… Aarghhh, I suppose the tool doesn’t matter THAT much after all…

Here’s a little mix from my holidays in France last August!



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I finished the Photography course and went back to work… but took two weeks off to Mozambique before! Probably more images coming up soon, as I scan them.

Back to analogue, back to lomography… yeaaahhh! 😀 My digital should stay a while in its cupboard! 😉

When the lights are low

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Most of our assignments at the Workshop are digital, for reasons of time and expense. No way we would have time to process and make silver prints for all our images considering the short deadlines we get.

I sometimes feel a bit frustrated though… I am not sure how to explain it, but analogue just feels more like me. I love looking through an analogue’s lens, really enjoy shooting, and usually prefer the result. I miss my Rolleiflex!!… still looking for somebody able to fix it 😦

This assignment is called « When the lights are low ». The exercise was basically to learn how to push process a film. I wanted to get the feeling of intimacy at home, « when the lights are low ».

I was largely inspired by my photographer friend Eleonora Strano, who did a beautiful series of Parisians in their intimacy.